Workshop for manufacturing concrete products | ZL 02

The project plans expansion of an existing hall through the construction of a one-storey body for production and storage of concrete products, as well as provide repairs of the existing office part of the building.
The existing hall and its extension form a total usable area of ​​elevation + -0.00 for production and storage activities, separated by an expansion joint and separate structures. In these areas the project plans an Area for storage of inert materials, an Area for production of concrete products, a Storage Area for drying concrete products and a Warehouse for finished products.
For the new construction, extension to the existing hall, a steel load-bearing structure with load-bearing steel columns has been designed. The roof solution is a gable roof with a metal structure. In the existing hall, the old roof covering is replaced and the facade walls are thermally insulated.
The facade solution of the production hall: the materials provided in the project are in accordance with the purpose of the building – facade and roof thermal panels filled with rigid polyurethane foam, RAL color coating. Natural lighting is provided through transparent polycarbonate roof panels.
The raster of the facade follows a certain rhythm and organization.



unfolded built-up area

922 m2




Technical project