Workshop for furniture production | KPR 02

The presented project is based on the elaborated Detailed Development Plan – EIA for the change of the development zone with RUP and silhouetting on the grounds of Art. 124 a, para 5 of the Territorial Planning Act and envisages the construction of a production building for manufacturing of prefabricated furniture and assembling of finished parts with an administrative part to it.
The production part is a one-storey multi-corridor hall with dimensions and proportions according to the technological cycle and requirements. Quick access to workstations and staff rest room is provided. The administrative and production parts have separate functional schemes with separate entrances and are bound by common horizontal and vertical communication.
The materials envisaged in the project are related to the idea of creating a compatible architectural image with that of the architectural and historical reserve of the town of Koprivshtitsa.
The presence of natural materials such as façade plinths made of natural stone with a decorative joint, decorative border around windows and external corners with a massive planking and colored exterior plaster follow the aesthetics of the specific architectural environment.
The facade grid follows a certain rhythm and organization.The colors and patterns of facade glazing are provided in sync with the overall vision of the building.



unfolded built-up area

432 m2




Technical project