Single-family residential building | B 04

Project for expansion and rehabilitation of a luxury single-family residential building in a suburban environment, with a large yard area.
The functional organization of the premises, distributed on three levels, is complemented by a semi-underground floor with an indoor pool and a spa area. The vertical layout, as well as sliding wide-format shop windows, create a direct visual connection with the adjacent terrain. An extensive roof terrace with glass floor has been developed, providing natural light above the pool. On the periphery of the terrace there are decorative pergolas made of solid wood and benches lined with natural stone. An unobtrusive connection to the large yard is realized by an openwork staircase made of structural glass in architectural detail. There is a separate area with a winter garden and a roof terrace above it. The roof on the parking is scheduled for extensive roof landscaping.
The architectural intervention on the facades enriches and further develops the exterior vision by selecting natural materials and cladding, details and emphasizing window openings.



unfolded built-up area

643 m2




Technical project