Multifamily Residential Building | PR 13

The building is designed as a residential building, it has 13 apartments with different characteristics, as well as individual garages on the ground floor.
The main premises of the dwellings are oriented to the most favourable directions. The volume sound and the overall exterior and interior architectural solution guarantee the realization of a modern building with clean shapes.
The size of the facade follows a certain rhythm and organization. Fields of colored exterior plaster alternate with a hanging fence of HPL boards with a wood flader.
The grid of the total volume is highlighted by horizontal strips of metallic sheathing in graphite color. The colors and patterns of facade glazing are provided in synergy with the overall vision of the building – six-chamber PVC joinery and metal lining around window openings, in graphite color. The interior spaces are meant to create references to architectural solutions in the exterior.


Perperikon street, Darvenitsa district, Sofia

unfolded built-up area

1237 m2


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Technical project