Multifamily Residential Building | D 01

The building is designed as residential with 13 comfortable apartments with different characteristics, as well as individual garages on the semi-underground level. The main rooms of the homes are oriented to the most favorable directions.
The voluminous sound and the overall exterior and interior architectural solution guarantee the realization of a modern building with clean forms.
The raster of the facade follows a certain rhythm and organization, a combination of high class facade materials. The facade fields suspended HPL panels with wood flader that alternate with wide-format glazing. In contrast are the volumes with a white ventilated ceramic facade.
The colors and models of facade glazing are provided in sync with the overall vision of the building – six-chamber aluminum windows and metal cladding around the window openings, graphite color.
Interior spaces aim to create references to architectural solutions in the exterior.


Tsvetarska street, Dragalevtsi, Sofia

unfolded built-up area

1164 m2


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