Hotel | B 03

The building combines in itself spaces for business meetings and events of various nature – conferences, cocktail parties, presentations, recreation and relax areas and hotel section. The hotel is designed as an 18 – storey corpus with 2 levels with public function, 1 level with offices, 15 hotel floors with 183 hotel rooms and underground parking, service and technical premises. The hotel has an indoor pool, bar, cafe and relax-zone connected to a spa center through vertical communication. A staircase connects the indoor pool and the relaxation zone with a landscaped roof terrace on which outdoor Jacuzzi, lounges and recreation spots are located.The Movement notion is reflected in interior terms – it is invoked by way of stretched proportions and great lengths.


city of Bourgas, Izgrev residential area


24 181,24 m2


developed based on assignment by the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy


preliminary design




the architectural image is dedicated to the sensation of movement, reflecting the surrounding environment with its dynamics and zeal