Mobile holiday homes |MRD 02

The project and its realization analyze the possibilities of the prefabricated construction in achieving a comfortable space for recreation in the seaside area. The requirements for mobility and compactness, energy efficiency and economy, while being universally sounded, have been explored in view of the adequate location in a different environment. The project, with its 54 sq.m built-up area, achieves the most compact functional organization of the rooms – living room with sliding windows and veranda, kitchen with dining area, two bedrooms with private bathrooms and niches with built-in wardrobes, offering all the amenities for a short stay. French windows and sliding showcases remove the border between the exterior and the interior, expanding, lighting and opening the spaces outward to the natural environment.


Mirodato village, Greece

unfolded built-up area

54 m2




Technical project


2017 – project and realization