Apart Hotel With Rehabilitation Center | BN 03

The conception of the housing complex conveys the modern vision of an accessible environment, fully oriented towards the creation of social housing with assistance and care for adults and people with reduced mobility.
The presented project envisages the reconstruction and extension of an existing group of buildings, the construction of a new apartment and studio hotel to a social center, as well as individual residential units for permanent living.
Public service functions are provided – day care, diagnostics and recovery, nutrition and the social environment. Fully individual residential units for permanent living – apartments with access to public-service functions have been developed.
The complex, consisting of existing and new construction, forms an inside yard with restricted access for outsiders. It, as well as any of the buildings, provides solutions for the accessibility of the occupants with limited mobility. In the courtyard will be built a small chapel and a greenhouse, as well as green areas for recreation.



unfolded built-up area

4510 km2




technical project